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Ancient MuOnline Season 18 Opening 12.May

Ancient MuOnline Season 18 Opening 12.May

Season 18 Exp:99999x Drop 85%
Ertel Upgrade rates 100%, just farm the components, All item Level up upgrades 100% NPC Jewels, Boxes, Exc Weapons, All skills Goblin Points: 1lvl = Goblin Points, Goblin Points Xshop…
  • Grand Opening
  • 12/5/2023 x9999 Opening September 15! x9999 Opening September 15!

Season 17 Exp:0x Drop 85% x9999 Opening September 15, Season 17 Part 2, New Characters Kundun and Lemuria, New Kanturu Battleground, Elf Renewal, New Weapons and Shields, Weekly CS, Well balanced, Join us!
  • Grand Opening
  • 15/9/2022


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