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Lãnh thổ: MU Việt Nam
Phiên bản MU: Season 16
Điểm kinh nghiệm: Exp Thấp
Hình thức chơi: Reset
Drop đồ: 30 %
Alpha test: 14:00 - 1/6/2022
Open beta: 16:00 - 2/6/2022
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🔥 Starter GIFTS: Each new character will receive many gifts in their inventory for easier start! 🔥 Starter EVENT: Free 500 WCoins - Like & Share!

Opening of Server [X40 Low] on June 2.

- Starter EVENT: Free 500 WCoins - Like & Share!

💥 Server protected against cheaters with a premium Anti-Hack.

🔥 Unique dynamic growing style rewards for resets will definitely bring your attention and you will love it. 

🔥 The more you play and more you progress with leveling the more better rewards you will receive.

🔥 No way to reach max stat points. Resets are limited and there are no grand resets at all.

🔥 Stat points burn after each reset and dynamic experience reduces the speed of leveling when more resets.

🔥 Special quest system introduced to give you an opportunity to hunt monsters, do specific tasks to earn extra rewards for free.

🔥 Many different type of monster spots created for all character classes in all maps.

- Exp Regular | Master: 40x | 120x

- Max Level Regular | Master: 400 | 900

- Max Account connections per 1 IP: 3

- Monsters & Bosses power adjusted

- Spots & Hotspots in all maps

- Anti-Lag feature button F9

- Non PvP subserver with 2x less Exp



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