Diamond Mu | S14 PRO | Sv X500 | New Jewels | New Exc Opt | Open 08/09/2020

Lãnh thổ: MU Nước ngoài
Phiên bản MU: Season 14
Điểm kinh nghiệm: Exp Vừa
Hình thức chơi: Reset
Drop đồ: 35 %
Alpha test: 13:00 - 08/09/2020
Open beta: 13:00 - 08/09/2020
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x500 Server on SEPTEMBER 8! New Monster Invasions New Excellent Options New Additional Jewels Unique in-game events Unique Quest System (EXCLUSIVE) Unique Jewel Bank

DiamondMu GRAND OPENING a brand new exciting - Medium x500 Server on SEPTEMBER 8!
 Unique and Professionally configured,
Balanced and Adjusted all game contents!
 New Monster Invasions
 New Excellent Options
 New Additional Jewels
 Unique in-game events
 Unique Quest System (EXCLUSIVE)
 Unique Jewel Bank
 Version: Season 14
 Experience Regular / Master: 500x / 500x
 Max Level Regular / Master: 400 / 650
 Web Market: Buy, Sell, Trade Items
 In Game: Antihack, Offstore, Offlevel
 Low Performance Mode: Button F9
 Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3
 Non PvP Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Karutan 1 - 2
 Exp Increased in all levels of BC, DS: +10%
 Chance for Ancient item drop in BC (3-7)
 Chance for Condor Flame drop in DS (3-7)
 Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
 Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted
 PvP / PvM Original + Balanced

 Much more to discover by yourself

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You must try our brilliant unique professionally configured server and you will never want to play other servers. Make sure you check our many easy to read guides of game-play so you will always know the best tips and tricks.
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